“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” (William Arthur Ward). A teacher is a strong willed and passionate individual who’s life devotion is to further student’s education and inspire them to realize and follow their own dreams and accomplish their individual goals. They are present to encourage the students. They help to shape ones values and morals and possess strong influence. This is the teacher I will strive to be.
As an educator it is important to have many approaches. Most of all is to be educated towards educating. If a teacher is not only lacking the knowledge in which curriculum expects them to teach, but also having an absence of knowing how to teach it, then it is jeopardizing the students learning advancement. A teacher should have passion for their teaching, so creativity can take place, so excitement will keep both the teacher and student positive and focused. ‘Grit’ and love towards an area of education will allow students to find interest and understand more easily. Not only should a teacher be experienced with their own subjects, but also a variety of subjects so connections can be made. Along with being educated in a specific subject, a teacher must be educated about teaching and learning; It’s processes and effects. The information on cognitive learning, pushing the knowledge you are sharing into the long term memory of the students and how to teach in regards to that is extremely important. Having knowledge towards how your teaching effects and sits with the students is important to observe and improve upon. Taking the approach of individuality is essential. All students are different whether it is ability, race, personalities, etc. and as a teacher it is crucial that to take into consideration those differences, and respect them. Another approach is to always be prepared. Without preparation, an unorganized habit can take place which students may notice and perhaps repeat. In order to strive for success, preparation must be made so curriculum can be accomplished and students feel accomplished as well. The teacher is the role model, and students will follow the actions that an educator makes, therefore they must be well planned.Classroom managment is something that I believe will alter in every class and should change over time for educator. Sticking with one plan to keep students under control will not work. I plan to use assertiveness and calm communication in order to manage my students.
A main approach to teaching I have promised myself I will stick to throughout my career is to talk WITH the students rather than AT the students. This can refer to any situation whether it is a social issue or simply educational instruction. Including the students within the learning environment and discussion will strengthen connections, allow the students to relate what they are learning to themselves which will further there remembrance for the information. This tactic will make the students feel included. Attention will be easier to attain and keep. Reward for hard work is another approach I believe should be taken. My students will be rewarded for social and educational accomplishments as this will push them to strive even more, which will eventually become habit. “In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn” (Phil Collins), I will be open to new techniques and innovative thoughts and ideas from other teachers, technology, influence, and from my students. As a teacher I am more than willing to learn new things, as I believe it is not just the teacher that teaches, but also the students.
Children learn in unique ways; each child is their own. Children accept information individually. I will accept and incorporate each learning style and offer extra help to allow complete success for each student. As a teacher I hope to be able to have all my students enjoy what they are learning and to be able to use it throughout their lives. If students can relate to what I am teaching not only will it station itself within their brains, but it will be useful to them in the present and future. I hope and plan to teach the students something that will spark inspiration for their future.


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