Better Than Kahoot!?

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Hello friends,

In today’s post, I am going to break down an overview of the program/ website known as “Quizizz“. This website is a game like program that allows students (or whomever is playing) to answer questions about specific topics through their cellular or electronic devices. Now you may be thinking to yourself “Wow! This sounds an awful lot like Kahoot!” and you my friend, are correct. The only difference, is it is better!

Quizizz is a tool that creates an online interactive quiz where students have the ability to either create or view another quiz and test their knowledge on a particular content they are learning in class. Students LOVE THIS. Not only do they get to use their phones, but it gets their minds stimulated as they are looking at an interactive and visually appealing quiz rather than a white piece of paper with black words printed on it. And the music that plays along creates such an enjoyable atmosphere.

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Rather then explaining how to use each tool on the website, I found a video from the Quizizz team’s YouTube that had a fantastic walkthrough. Check it out:

5 Main Benefits to Quizizz:

  1. Students can create there own games just like Kahoot!; however they are able to take previously constructed quizzes and either add their own questions to them or pluck a few away and add it into their own. This is all done by the ease of clicking a few buttons as opposed to copying and pasting.

2. Students are not timed in their responses to the quizzes. Students do not have any amount of pressure put upon them for answering a question as the clock ticks down. This allows for critical thinking and offers the option of eliminating potential answers successfully.

3. You can track the progress in which each student answers correctly or incorrectly. Individually you can see what students missed what answers.

4. You can track the progress as a group. With statistic sent to you through the form of charts, the facilitator can visually see where the gap of knowledge lies and can then move forward in paying attention to that area.

5. Therefore, this tool can be used for both summative and formative assessment! With spreadsheets that are printable for individuals or a group as a whole, teachers are able to really narrow down where the gap of knowledge is, or can print out the quizzes and use them for marks afterwards (what an amazing tool to give yourself some breaks from marking).


  1. Can be hard to navigate for first time users. If you are using this tool as a resource for students to create a quiz for a presentation or an assignment, you absolutely need to conduct a class on HOW to use this tool.
  2. Depending on the class, they may not feed into this idea of being quizzed through an online format.
  3. This tool can only be used to quiz through multiple choice answers. No supporting facts or evidence can be made. It doesn’t give a chance for students to explain their answers.


Please give Quizizz a shot if you have or have not tried Kahoot! The benefits outweigh Kahoot! by extreme lengths and this is such a useful took within the classroom!

Let me know how your experience goes, or if you have tried this within the classroom already!




7 thoughts on “Better Than Kahoot!?

  1. I like Kahoot’s music better haha! Not being timed is the most appealing con to me. I always hated getting time in Kahoot so I rush and end up pressing the wrong answer!


  2. Hey Alyssa!
    Until today I had never heard of this app, so thanks for sharing something new with me! It sounds very interesting and is something I might have to look into myself! I love Kahoot! but like anything it does have its flaws! I really appreciate you sharing the pros and cons! Really helps me know what I am getting myself into!


  3. Very informative! I love the detail that you went into! I used to use Kahoot, and yes it is fun, but I don’t like the timed aspect. It reminds me of Mad Minutes, and I don’t think students should be timed on their answers because then it just turns into a race instead of focusing on the learning.


  4. Hey Alyssa, I really enjoyed that you easily had laid out the benefits and weaknesses of the website. I found your post very nicely laid out and really appreciated the video that you included. Do you think you would use Quizizz all of the time in your classroom?

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