Week 9 and Back to the Basics

EDTC 300, Learning Project

Hello friends!

Are we all stressed out of our minds?! It is really winding down to the last few weeks of school and EVERYTHING is due! All I want to do is sleep, procrastinate and eat. And by eating, I mean stuffing my face with all the greasiness I possibly can #comfortfood

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From my title you may think this post will be quite ironic, and in a sense it is. However, just like any learner, sometimes you get ahead of yourself or your focus leaves what you have been paying attention to. So this past week my recollection of many of the things I had learnt, seemed to just diminish. This is exactly why practice and consistency is key!

However, I don’t think having to go back to the basics is a bad thing. Sometimes a refresher is what will make your learning experience that much more heightened. And as educators we know repetition can be so very beneficial for anyone.

You’re probably wondering what basics I needed to revisit; that is chords and hand position. My hands have seemed to not remember how to switch from chord to chord with a comfort level that avoids any pain, and my memory of chords is slim to none.

So this week was simply a refresher of everything I have done. So this week I found myself looking for a resource that could help me to memorize chords effectively so I don’t run into this issue again. I really enjoyed visiting Guitar Six, which is a website that focuses on strategies to recalling skills you have learned previously and strategies to avoid forgetting. The article I read was specific to both of these aspects.

Not as exciting of a post, but I think its important to outline our “fails” within our learning journeys. I heard and acronym once that “fail” means “first attempt in learning” and that is exactly what I had experienced and the mindset I held this week!

Question for my readers: What fails have you been having?! And how are you overcoming them or overcoming the feeling of defeat?






5 thoughts on “Week 9 and Back to the Basics

  1. I like this Alyssa. It is great to see that others are feeling the same way towards this point in the semester…definitley feels like the end for sure. Going back to relearn things isn’t always a bad thing is right, I have had to do this with my #LearningProject. What I always keep in mind is the phrase, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It is awesome that you chose to voice this as a blog post, shows the reality of how your learning process is going! Also, a lot of people could probably relate (HEHEHE like me)! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Hey Alyssa!
    The end is definitely near and I think everyone is feeling it! And you are totally not wrong for just taking some time to go back to basics. Sometimes we need to just take a break from learning and go back and refresh. It gives our minds a chance to just kind of relax! Hang in there girl! Only a couple more weeks and we can all take a breather 😀


  3. Going back to the basics is definitely not a bad thing! You are aware of areas that you need to work on and improve upon and that is a huge learning in itself! I always love when my students recognize where they are in their learning because it tells me a whole lot more than they think it does!


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