Strumming Some Love

EDTC 300, Learning Project

Hello friends!

For this weeks #LearningProject, I am going to speak to a different side of my learning journey that has arrived from many weeks of practicing guitar.

Although I have been practicing this week and have an exciting video and post brewing for next week, I would like to focus on the WHY behind people playin guitar and how it has become a tool for me to relax. It is crazy to think that homework relaxes me, haha! It almost makes me uncomfortable because it does not seem like an actual real life thing, however learning to strum and compose chords together has  create a real serenity for me in time of stress (a.k.a the last couple weeks of school). So I am going to talk about the inspiration behind me having motivation to play guitar weekly.

Now, I am OBSESSED with American Idol audition videos on YouTube. Is anyone else with me? Anyways, it is specifically the auditions that have to do with guitar playing as well as singing that are giving me some serious motivation to become a rock star. There were two videos in particular that I have been playing on repeat. The first being a more soul – bluesy type of feel. This type of guitar playing is what I have listened to growing up, so the chords and rifts and the transitions between just give me goosebumps, take a listen:


And this video really captures the connection and relationships that music can make. I dare you to watch this and not tear up:

Other than videos, I was trying to find some articles as to why music is soothing to some and not as effective for others, but instead found a great blog about why people play guitar. It outlines the effects of playing guitars and the benefits. This blog post is clear and concise which I love, so I highly recommend you take a quick peek if you have any interest in music. I understand the WHY so much more now.

SO my question for you is actually not a question. But if you so choose to comment (if not, simply think about my prompt): WHAT is something you do that you love and WHY do you practice or do something that you love?

I think we often forget about the why behind committing actions or practices within our lives. Once the reason is understood behind doing something, I believe the experience is enjoyed at a higher level because the understanding is there.

Thanks for reading, can’t wait to hear your responses,




4 thoughts on “Strumming Some Love

  1. I am soooo glad you posted about the WHY! I was hoping you would as I have been reading through your posts! Something as simple as looking at American Idol videos really shows the impact of music because a lot of the contestants talk about their connection with music and they are all a little bit different! I love watching those videos because it reminds me how awesome music is and why myself, and everyone loves it!


  2. Hey Alyssa, I really liked this post, it kind of made me wish I had learnt to play the guitar. I think connecting it to memories have childhood really hits home I grew up in a family who was VERY musically talented and some how I can’t even carry a beat! But I really wish that this was a skill I had because I could see myself getting lost in the music and not worrying about anything else for a moment or two! for your question: WHAT is something you do that you love and WHY do you practice or do something that you love? I love to read and I love to sleep haha when doing both of these things I am so relaxed and get lost in the moment. Sometimes with our busy lives we need to take a moment and slow everything down.


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