Sleuthing My Partner in Crime

EDTC 300

I don’t often think about cyber sleuthing myself or my fellow educators, however it seems to be a good practice for what students may find when you become a teacher. I decided to sleuth my partner in crime Jessi Gaja. We have been in many classes together and have known each other for a few years. I am not going to lie that when I first met her, I creeped her on Facebook and Instagram. I cannot exactly remember finding anything specific about her other than I knew she was in education and that she seemed like she had a pretty relaxed personality. Through knowing her for some years now, I definitely have gained a lot more knowledge about who she is as a person and through sleuthing I couldn’t really find out much more. I think this is a great thing. She is a transparent person, what you see is what you get. Here is some info I already knew, but is presented through her digital citizenship:


  1. Her profile is locked down like a high security facility. so anyone who is not friends with her could probably not find a single things through this platform.


  1. Once again locked down like a mother hiding cookies from her child by placing them in the highest location within the house.


  1. 5th year education student
  2. Has a religious/ Christianity theme running throughout
  3. Follows education and religious accounts
  4. Goes to the U of R
  5. Currently resides in Regina, SK
  6. Birthday September 30th


  1. Has a University page that outlines a class and the assignments that she has for it.
  2. Has a resume page that contains  her resume used for professional applications in regards to education.
  3. Has a teaching philosophy page which outlines her motivation for being a teacher and her best practices within the classroom.

I think Jessi shares the right amount of information that makes her feel comfortable and represented at the same time. I love that she has a focus on Religion through her twitter pages because this can connect her to so many new people and school districts. Through sleuthing Jessi, you are able to get a clear picture of who she is without knowing too much.

My question is shouldn’t something like this be taught in schools? Wouldn’t this be a useful tools for students who essentially live their lives through the internet and social media platforms?


4 thoughts on “Sleuthing My Partner in Crime

  1. Alyssa, this is hilarious! I’m glad that I have my information on lockdown though. Can’t let serial killers or #illuminati get ahold of my private info hahaha. And I agree with you, this should be taught in schools because your digital identity is so important!!


  2. This is awesome! Katia asked if you guys could cybersleuth me and I agreed! It was so interesting too see what you guys found lol It is very important to remember how we are portraying ourselves online. Students are very tech savvy these days and so we need to be careful about how we are viewed online for them, but also for future employers!


  3. Hey Alyssa!

    Impressive findings and good for Jessi for having things locked down! I am the same way with most of my social media accounts! I also totally agree with teaching this to students. My division has something called homeroom strategy for grades 9-12 in which I have to teach the grade nines twice a month about various things such as college options, high school options etc. One of the options is digital citizenship and I have definitely considered doing this assignment with them one day as a little experiment to see what they can find. Thanks for sharing!


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