Guitar Chords Don’t Have to be Tough

EDTC 300, Learning Project

Hello all!

Reading week was extremely busy as I was on a trip for work out in Winnipeg. I was teaching s a seminar for about six days, so essentially did not get to use the week to catch up on school.

Being behind one Learning Project Post has me stressed out, however I think my progress is growing slowly, but surely. Here I am again, combining weeks 4 and 5.

This week I was watching shorter videos to be able to fit in some practice having it sit down for a large amount of time. I have found that these more concise videos have been helping me to not only learn more quickly, but to remember what I have learned the following days as it is less content to remember. Practicing seems to be going smoother now as I can activate prior knowledge as I move forward, and have things flow freely.

I have been watching the YouTube Channel: Yousician and it has been so extremely effective at helping my development.

In the video of myself playing (shown down below) I am following this particular video:

You can see within this video, the ease of following along. The time of the video is extremely short and I LOVE THIS. Through a descriptive movements, these types of videos would be really quite easy for many people to follow along with. Having the visual, alongside of the voice over has really been able to meet my needs. I believe all learners could benefit from this type of learning. This video showcases how to play the E chord. Specifically it outlines where the fingers will be placed and how to strum.

As embarrassed as I feel to share this here is my attempt at following the video shown above:



With my students during my internship I did an formative assessment every Friday called “Pluses and Deltas”. Pluses are defined as; everything you loved about the week or everything that worked. Deltas are defined as; gifts of change or areas of opportunities. here is an example of how it looked in the classroom:


I figured I could do this each week to outline my progress, create goals, and become aware of if I have achieved them.

– Clear and concise videos are easier to follow
– Having the visual and auditory aspects really help
– I was able to learn multiple chords and to smoothly transition into each.
– I learned “Smoke on the Water”
– Feeling more comfortable with playing

– Feeling comfortable with posting a video! – Smooth positioning of hands
– Training hands to not be as stiff
– Dedicating more time to practice


To finish off this post, I have some questions:

How do you stay on track with learning a new skill?

Do you have an resources to help you stay organized?

Are there any platforms that I should be using to help assist me in learning guitar?


  • Alyssa




5 thoughts on “Guitar Chords Don’t Have to be Tough

  1. You are doing so so well! I have played guitar for as long as I can remember, so I can understand how much of a learning curve this is. Not to mention how sore your fingers must be! The first song I ever learned on the guitar was, “A Place in this World” by Taylor Swift. It is funny to think about now, but it really is a great song to help in the early stages of learning guitar. I cannot wait to follow your journey. 🙂

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  2. You are doing so great Alyssa! I can’t begin to imagine how hard it would be learning to play the guitar. Growing up I played the flute and piano and also, watched my brother learn the guitar. It is not an easy task to learn an instrument. You have learned so much in so little time! Keep up the great work! I am excited to follow your progress! 🙂


  3. Ooooo Alyssa, better be careful or I might have you serenade me soon.

    Just kidding! But this is a great learning project idea and you’re doing so well!! I’ll treat you to ice cream if you can play me a song by the end of this project 😉


  4. I like that you switched to shorter, more concise videos. You are recognizing how you learn, especially with this new skill. Others may learn guitar differently, but the fact that you found what is working for you is awesome!


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